Paving the Way for Circular Architecture

Catherine De Wolf.

This event will take place in-person at 12pm noon ET in 112 Stubbins, Gund Hall, 48 Quincy St. How can digital transformation be the catalyst for a shift towards circular architecture? The construction sector isRead More


On Natural and Artificial Optimization

Headshot of Petros Koumoutsakos.

For centuries engineers have taken inspiration from nature for design and problem solving. Today’s computing capabilities present the possibility to approach design optimization not from the perspective of imitating existing natural forms, but from the perspectiveRead More


Residential Energy Consumption and NREL Resources

A headshot of Elaina Present.

Buildings are responsible for the majority of electricity consumption in the U.S. and are a substantial contributor to carbon emissions. Understanding how buildings use energy and how that may change in the future is importantRead More