Building/Lab Publications

Design and applications of an IoT architecture for data-driven smart building operations and experimentation
A Malkawi, S Ervin, X Han, E X Chen, S Lim, S Ampanovos, P Howard
Energy and Buildings, 2023

Data-informed building energy management (DiBEM) towards ultra-low energy buildings
J M Han, S Lim, A Malkawi, X Han, E X Chen, S Salimi, T H Dokka, T Hegli, K Edwards
Energy and Buildings, 2023

Zero-carbon balance: The case of HouseZero
J Grinham, H Fjeldheim, B Yan, T Dokka Helge, K Edwards, T Hegli, A Malkawi
Building and Environment, 2022

Comprehensive assessment of operational performance of coupled natural ventilation and thermally active building system via an extensive sensor network
B Yan, X Han, A MalkawiT Helge Dokka, P Howard, J Knowles, T Hegli, K Edwards
Energy and Buildings, 2022


Related Publications

Ensembled deep learning-based model predictive control for automatic window operations in winter
E X Chen, X Han, A Malkawi, N Li
ASHRAE Transactions, 2023

Adaptive model predictive control with ensembled multi-time scale deep-learning models for smart control of natural ventilation
E X Chen, X Han, A Malkawi, R Zhang, N Li
Building and Environment, 2023

Model predictive control of short-term winter natural ventilation in a smart building using machine learning algorithm
W Zhang, W Wu, L Norford, N Li, A Malkawi
Journal of Building Engineering, 2023

Model-Free Reinforcement Learning-Based Control for Radiant Floor Heating Systems
X Han, A Malkawi
The 5th International Conference on Building Energy and Environment (COBEE), 2022

Using recurrent neural networks for localized weather prediction with combined use of public airport data and on-site measurements
J M Han, Y Q Ang, A Malkawi, H W Samuelson
Building and Environment, 2021

Using Machine learning algorithms to improve CO2-based demand-controlled natural ventilation
W Zhang, W Wu, A Malkawi
Prometheus, 4: Buildings Cities, and Performance II, 2020

Design-based natural ventilation evaluation in early stage for high performance buildings
B Wang, A Malkawi
Sustainable Cities and Society, 2019

A Method toward Real-Time CFD Modeling for Natural Ventilation
W Wu, B Wang, A Malkawi, N Yoon, Z Sehovic, B Yan
Fluids, 2018


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