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Core research faculty from the CGBC win Salata Institute grants for projects confronting climate change


The Salata Institute recently announced the first cohort of awardees from their Seed Grant Program, which serves to enable interdisciplinary research in climate and sustainability. CGBC core faculty researchers Holly Samuelson and Martin Bechthold, alongside CGBC researcher David Tish, were among those awarded.

In their project, “Insulating buildings with algae foam,” Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology Martin Bechthold, co-principal investigator Jennfier Lewis, and researcher and former DDes student Daniel Tish will develop of a proof of concept for a carbon-negative insulation material made from microalgae. Through “Rethinking window glass requirements,” Associate Professor of Architecture Holly Samuelson will study the potential benefits of revising glass requirements, considering that windows built today will be in place for decades. Both projects expand upon faculty work conducted through the CGBC faculty research program.

Learn more about the winning projects.