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Ali Malkawi honored at World Science Forum 2017 for contributions to architecture

World Science Forum 2017 Jordan logo.

On Tuesday November 7, 2017, CGBC Founding Director Ali Malkawi was honored by King Abdullah II of Jordan with the Jordanian Star of Science Medal at the World Science Forum (WSF) 2017. King Abdullah honored a number of prominent Jordanian scientists who have excelled in various fields of science, research, medicine, engineering, physics and technology and who work as deans of faculties and directors of scientific departments in the world’s most renowned universities and institutes. Professor Malkawi was recognized for his contributions to the design and development of environmental solutions for buildings. He also presented a talk during one of the forum’s Special Sessions entitled “HouseZero: A first-of-its-kind, ultra-efficient retrofit.”

Attended by more than 3,000 scientific leaders from more than 120 countries, the World Science Forum 2017 aimed to engage the world of science and redefine the global potential of scientific communities and policymakers to bring real change to our interlinked societies. Read more about the award here. Read more about the forum here.