CGBC Research & Innovation Talks

The Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities will present a series of Research & Innovation Talks. Given by members of the CGBC Research Team, talks will highlight and discuss projects underway at the Center. Talks are open to members of the Harvard community. Space is limited. Please RSVP to Jeff Fitton (


September 27, 1:15pm
Wenbo Shi, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Fellow
“Design and Implementation of Open HVAC Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Smart Buildings”

November 1, 1:15pm
Bin Yan, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Fellow
“Energy Demand Forecasting: Model development, uncertainty analysis and applications”

CANCELLED: November 29, 1:15pm (to be rescheduled in the Spring)
Zheng Xu, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Fellow
“Air Quality and Workers’ Productivity: Evidence from a light bulb factory in China”

RESCHEDULED: December 13, 1:15pm
Elena Vanz, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Fellow
“Ecological Urbanism Metric Systems (EUMS)”