CGBC Research & Innovation Talks: “Ecological Urbanism Metric Systems (EUMS)”

The Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities will present a series of Research & Innovation Talks. Given by members of the CGBC Research Team, talks will highlight and discuss projects underway at the Center. On Tuesday, December 16th, Elena Vanz will present on: “Ecological Urbanism Metric Systems (EUMS).” 1:15 pm – 2:15pm 20 Sumner Road, Room 1D Refreshments will […]


CGBC launches online forecasting tool to analyze building energy consumption

CGBC researchers have launched a new web app that uses statistical modeling and historical data to help predict building energy consumption. The Gaussian Processes Forecasting Tool allows users to upload data, configure features, train/validate a model and make predictions. For a deeper analysis, the app helps more advanced users to explore the impact of certain inputs on output. Intended […]