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“Sustainability in Scandinavia” video now available

Videos of the CGBC’s 2015 fall conference, “Sustainability in Scandinavia,” have been published online and are now available to be viewed. The November 6 conference highlighted green buildings and communities across Norway, Sweden and Denmark, examining the region’s unique practices that integrate technology, culture, and design. Presentations of case studies and proven concepts by leading academicians and practitioners from Scandinavia analyzed how regional architects pioneered new and innovative techniques within an advanced regulatory framework. Firms and institutions represented included Element Architects, Snøhetta, Helen & Hard, Christensen & Co; Mikkelsen Architects; White Arkitekter, Vandkunsten, the City Architect of Stockholm, KTH School of Architecture, Royal Danish of Fine Arts, and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Read more about the event here.

Watch Norwegian speakers here. Watch Danish speakers here. Watch Swedish speakers here.