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Publication by CGBC researchers selected as one of “Best of 2022” in Advanced Materials Technologies

Best of 2022 award in Advanced Materials Technologies.

3D Printing of Hierarchical Porous Ceramics for Thermal Insulation and Evaporative Cooling,” authored by Alessandro Dutto, Michele Zanini, Etienne Jeoffroy, Elena Tervoort, André Studart, and CGBC researchers Saurabh Mhatre, Zachery B. Seibold, Martin Bechthold, was selected as one of the “Best of 2022” publications in Advanced Materials Technologies. Only 25 out of 2,000 submitted papers were selected for the honor.

The research paper investigates how ceramic porous materials, which can be created through 3D printing, function for thermal management. The researchers offer these materials as one approach to reducing energy demands and carbon emissions among the built environment.

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