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President Faust Speaks on Climate Change & Collaboration in China

President Faust speaks at Tsinghua Global Vision Lectures.

Following a Your Harvard campaign event and visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, Harvard President Drew Faust gave a Tuesday morning address at Tsinghua University on the role of universities in addressing climate change. In her address, Faust emphasized three broad themes: the value of academic partnerships, the importance of research conducted with “no boundaries”; and the role of training students to be curious, in pursuit of large challenges.

Her illustrations were drawn largely from work on climate change and global warming. The subject is of importance to both China and the United States, the world’s leading and second-ranked emitters of greenhouse gases, respectively. Beyond this common interest, on which Tsinghua and Harvard have long-term ties, the focus on climate change enabled Faust to highlight some of the University’s environmental research, including a mention of the new Harvard Center for Green Buildings.

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