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Harvard Gazette Q&A: A house that produces energy

Professor Ali Malkawi, Professor of Architectural Technology; Director of Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities is seen at 20 Sumner Road, a house he is retrofitting to become an ultra-efficient building that will be the home of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities.

The Harvard Gazette has published a new interview with Founding Director Ali Malkawi about CGBC’s retrofit of HouseZero, which strives “to produce more energy than it consumes — with zero carbon emissions and using daylighting and natural ventilation instead of an HVAC system — while serving as a learning center for students and a testing ground for emerging technologies.” In this wide-ranging interview, Professor Malkawi discusses the project in detail, highlighting the role he hopes it will play in moving building design toward ultra-efficiency. Malkawi explains that the Center “wanted to push a standard that doesn’t exist that will push efficiency to its limit[,] we wanted to identify that standard, and show that it’s possible and performance-driven.”

Read the article here. GSD coverage here.