China 2035: Energy, Climate and Development

A symposium of the China Project, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Sponsored by the Harvard China Fund. Harvard Center Shanghai: 5th Floor HSBC Building, Shanghai International Financial Centre… Read more


NY Times: For Ideas on How to Live Greener, Think Mobile

Smartphones and tablets may not seem to be designed with the environment in mind, being made of complex layers of plastics, metals and electronics, with chemical batteries. But apps may help you adopt environmentally sensible habitsRead More

more launches How Energy Works series launches How Energy Works week which aims to break down the inner workings of technologies key to advancing the Energy Department’s mission. To celebrate the launch of How Energy Works, they’re releasing a new entry inRead More


Fraunhofer develops new fuel cell for home

The fuel cell for homes converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Says Dr. Matthias Jahn from the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS in Dresden, “One always speaks of a fuel cell system.Read More


Bloomberg: Google Said to Plan Energy Push

Google, Inc plans a deeper push into the $363.7 billion U.S. power sales market by working on tools that help utilities deliver electricity to homes and businesses more efficiently. It is said that the technologyRead More