Matan Mayer Speaks on Material Inputs in Buenos Aires

On July 24 in Buenos Aires, Matan Mayer will speak about the significance of material inputs in architecture. The discussion, “Weighing Architecture” is organized by Programa en Arquitectura y Tecnologia with commentary by Francisco Cadua. Mayer will trace the rise of new modeling, analysis, and fabrication technologies, which can now make material flow considerations an integral part […]


Matan Mayer Speaks on Material Recovery Potential @ ISIE conference

From July 7 to 10 –at the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) biennial conference at the University of Surrey, UK– Dr. Matan Mayer presented a new paper, “Towards End-of-Life Material Recovery Potential Assessment in the Built Environment.” Mayer’s presentation described the development of a framework for assessing and comparing material recovery potential in building assembly design. Mayer also surveyed precedents […]